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Red Climbing Strawberry

Red Climbing Strawberry
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The first step: the seeds into the kamaboko dipped in warm water first, and, stirring constantly, until the water temperature down to about 25 degrees stop.The second step: continued soaking 2-3 hours later, remove and rub with your hands, up to the seed coat clean and shiny. Then rinse with clean water and cover with several layers of wet gauze.Step three: put 25~30° under the conditions of germination. Three times a day (morning, afternoon, and evening) with warm water and soak gauze to keep the seeds moist environment. White 40%~50% seeds can be sown after.Fourth step: 3-4 months immediately after transplanting seedling growth, spacing control in 20~30 cm. Transplanting time at the end of July to mid-August.

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