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Bonsai Sweet Peach Seeds

Bonsai Sweet Peach Seeds
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  • Rs.399

Germination temperature:15-20 C

Growth temperature:15-30 C

Plant height:29-198

Germination days:5-15 days

The best sowing seasons:spring, summer, autumn

Flowering time:9-12 weeks

Flower color: colors

Packing:OPP simple packaging

Applications:Farm,terrace,garden,living room,study,windows,bedroom,patio.etc

Product IntroductionWhile fertilizing peach trees right after they are planted is recommended,they only need a small amount of fertilizer at this time.About 1/2 cup of fertilizer is recommended for new trees and after this add 1 pound of peach tree fertilizer per year until the tree is five years old.A mature peach tree will need only about 5 pounds of fertilizer per application.If you find that your tree has grown particularly vigorously,you will want to cut back to only one fertilization the next year. Vigorous growth indicates that the tree is putting more energy into foliage than fruit and cutting back on fertilizer for peach trees will help to bring your tree back into balance.

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